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Results Driven by Cerius Interim and Part-time Executives

Cerius Interim Executives are hand selected for their ability to work within your company to produce results. Sometimes accomplishing the agreed upon goals requires a day or two a week for a few months. Other engagements may dictate a more intensive amount of time over a longer period. Either way, you have complete flexibility to apply the part-time executive to a key role or key initiative without the obligations of a full-time employee.

Industry Expertise Applied
for Results
Consumer Goods Human Resources
M&A: Acquisition & Integration Human Resources
Distribution Finance (CFO)
Manufacturing Finance/Audit
Semiconductor Sales
Electronic Components President
Electronic Components Sales & Manufacturing
GovCon-Construction Finance (CFO)
Professional Services IT (CIO)
Construction Operations
Manufacturing - Industrial Equipment Sales
Nuclear Services Finance (CFO)
Manufacturing President
Automotive Aftermarket Operations
Commercial Landscaping Sales
Distribution Finance (CFO)
Distribution Operations
Education Market Finance (CFO)
Education Market Operations
GovCon Strategy
Healthcare - Medical Devices Quality Assurance
Healthcare - Provider IT (CIO)
Heavy Duty Equipment Sales
Home Improvement/Construction Human Resources

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Why companies use a part-time or interim executive.