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Have you ever needed an EXECUTIVE...

  • But thought you couldn't justify or afford a full time employee?
  • To drive a key initiative or overcome a critical issue?
  • While searching for the right long term replacement?

You need a top notch INTERIM executive right now!

Top 8 Reasons Why Interim Executive Management Makes Economic Sense Today

  1. Costs less than a full time employee
  2. Saves you the high cost of risk
  3. Saves you expensive recruiting costs
  4. Saves you expensive opportunity costs
  5. Saves you up-front training and orientation costs
  6. Gives you maximum flexibility further providing cost savings
  7. Saves high potential cost of severance pay
  8. Offers a different value proposition than contracting with a consultant

Minimize your risk and maximize your results:

  • Executive in place in as little as a week
  • Cerius oversees performance progress to agreed upon goals throughoutengagement providing additional hands-on oversight and expandingbandwidth
  • Gain executive expertise as needed with a more flexible model to meet the needs of each growth stage of the company
  • Minimize risk of extended search or long term commitments/contracts
  • National coverage providing most disciplines including: President, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, IT, Engineering, R&D

Your Partner in Leadership

Cerius Interim Executive Solutions is the largest provider of interim executive management solutions in the US, with a deep resource pool comprised of over 1,000 executives and proven experience in helping companies achieve their strategic and tactical business objectives. A few examples are below...

  • Interim Operations Executive to increase efficiencies, cost savings and profitability
  • Interim Sales Executive to produce better sales results
    Interim Marketing Executive to increase leads so your salespeople have more opportunities to sell
  • Interim CFO for creating better reporting and financial strategies for your growth
  • Interim CIO to align technology with your corporate strategy; thus reducing costs

"I hired a Cerius interim marketing executive, to allow us the time to hire just the right person for the job. We not only saved her fee several times over in the marketing programs and sales support activities she directed during that period, she was a true strategic partner during an important transition period of the company."
- Vane Clayton, president, ZOLL Data Systems

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