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Human Capital / Organization Development

Attracting, hiring, and retaining top performing employees is critical to your company's ability to achieve your business goals. Talent shortages and retention continue to be issues as you strive to align your people resources with your business strategies. After the recent decades of globalization, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, and automation, employees feel less loyal to their companies, leading to turnover and expensive replacement and training costs. Further, the looming baby boomer brain drain creates major problems both for ensuring that the knowledge these workers possess stays in the company and for finding adequate replacements.

Talent acquisition planning, performance management, succession planning, reorganization, and right-sizing are all human capital areas in which companies rely on the expert direction of an experienced leader -- someone who can help you turn your employees, contractors, supplier partners, and other contributors into a competitive advantage.

Whether planning and executing organizational or cultural change, assessing your compensation plan, evaluating employment policies, determining the impact of HR Outsourcing, developing succession plans, or coaching executives and developing your leaders, a Cerius Interim Executive can assure that your people policies represent the best decision for your company.

A partial list of our services:

  • Organizational Improvement
  • Cultural Change
  • Communication Strategies
  • Human Capital Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Retention Strategies
  • Workforce Planning and Optimization
  • Team Building and Team Alignment
  • Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
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