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Using Contract and Part-time Executives for Strategic Consulting Services

Using a contract executive in a consulting role to help craft corporate or product strategy has advantages over a typical consultant. The contract executive has years of operational experience in relevant industries and typically charges less than a Big 4 consulting firm.

Cerius contract executives have extensive hands-on experience in creating and implementing innovative strategies for a wide range of industries and from a broad spectrum of perspectives. Going beyond assessment and recommendation, our interim executives work with you not only to develop real-world strategies but also to execute action plans that take into account the realities of your available resources.

A Cerius executive ensures that the right strategy is integrated into your business operations and becomes a permanent part of your company's culture. Our goal is to deliver measurable results for your company in an accelerated timeframe and for the long term.

Without a strategy in place to provide direction, a company continually operates at a tactical level, with decisions driven by the crisis of the day or the latest competitive threat. However, strategy cannot be an academic exercise that gets shelved, or a motivational experience for stakeholders who then return to their usual day-to-day operations. Instead, strategy must drive priorities, resource allocation, process improvement, market definition and approaches, product development, and all other aspects of your business.

A Cerius Contract Executive Can Lead or Assist the Development of your next Strategic Plan

  • formulation
  • validation
  • refinement and plan creation
  • implementation and execution
  • review and measurement
  • revision and growth to the next stage
  • continuity and stability

Cerius can introduce you to the ideal contract executive within a week. Give us a call today to start the conversation.

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